07 May 2009

Raging Wildfire in California!

A wildfire in California threatens to consume the entire country, say experts. Due to a combination of dry weather and favorable wind conditions, the wildfire currently consuming California in a massive conflagration that has already killed 7 million people and caused $25 million in property damage threatens to overtake the entire country. Experts estimate that the resulting disaster will kill 250 million people and cause approximately $450 billion in damages.

"This wildfire will surely kill most of us in a massive inferno the likes of which the world has never seen. The Midwest will be lost within 2 months and it will spread to the east coast by early September. . . . The only comfort is that at least we won't be killed by the H1N1 virus." says Jane Freidrich, spokesperson for the EPA. "The worst thing is that there is absolutely nothing we can do, as the UN has closed our borders in order to contain the fire. All planes are grounded and we can't possibly escape."

This blog is hosted by Google, which is based in California, so we may go offline soon, but rest assured that I will keep you all updated as best I can until the wildfire inevitably consumes my home in Minnesota.

I have posted a poll where you can vote on what the Wildfire should be called.

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